Solarforce SC-1 tripod mount

The SC-1 is a new flashlight clip for those customers that need a mulit-angle or fixed point illumination.

The SC-1 flashlight clip is a precision PC plastic molded clip to fix or attach most Solarforce flashlights to most camera and standard tripods.



  • Body is molded PC plastic
  • Fits 22mm - 27mm Dia. lights
  • Fits most Camera tripods
  • Black
  • Lenght 30mm X 34mm dia.
  • Wt: 13 grams

Fits L2 / L2M/ L2N / L2P / L2T / P1 / P1D / L2T special edition / Masterpiece Pro / M6 / M8 / L1200

Solarforce SC-1 tripod mount

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