Hog / Varmint Hunting

With Hog and Varmint hunting being so popular plus many states allowing this type night hunting we decided to include a new catagory to help our hunters easily find what we offer that will help with the  sport.

Check out the Solarforce M3 or M3S that we have modified with red and green Cree emitters for longer range shots. We liked the great throw and quality of this lamphead  so much we have modified some of these for varmint and hog hunting customers. With the larger reflector this offering gives some of the best throw of any red or green lights on the market.
The M3/ M3S will fit any of the following Solarforces L2, L2m, L2n, L2T, L2P, L2T (Special Edition), L2C, L2B, L2E, L2D, P1, P1d, Gladiator.  Also check out our tape switches and gun mounts.

For shorter distances and situations you may need a more floody light such as hunting in close to a feeder at night then our P60 sized red and green offerings may be exactly what is needed. The lampheads are smaller since they are a P60 size making a more compact light and a slightly wider field of view. Any host that accepts a P60 replacement module will work with our light engines.

Don't forget to look at our Royal Blue P60 module for blood tracking, many believe that royal blue to be the best color at showing blood trails at night.

For those of you that just want a long range up to 700 meters white compact search light we now have in stock the new Solarforce S1100. This light has a very tight beam for long range throw and comes ready with an adapter for tripod mounting.

We also stock two types of gun mounts and a tape switch that will readily work with our solarforce hosts.

 Dont forget to get batteries and chargers section. Rechargable batteries can reduce costs drastically.