P60 Style Replacement Module

P60 modules are drop in replacement modules in a 26mm diameter. Drop in modules come in 
a variety of emitters including white,red, blue, green, UV, Infrared plus many tints, shades, levels
and volage ranges. This make the choices pratically infinate and means your flashlight will always
have the newest emitters and choices available.

These will fit many different brands and styles such as but not limited to Surefire, Solarforce,
Dereelight, Romisen, Trustfire, Ultrafire, Cabela's, some blackhawks and others.

Some trimming of outer springs may be necessary for proper fit in some hosts.

Please help us out, read all module options such as emitter types, levels needed, tints and
specs carefully as ALL modules are built to your order. Only defective modules can be returned.

Below is just a sampling of modules we carry when looking for specific emitters please 
click the heading under the thumbnail for the proper type emitter you are looking for so
that you can find all modules we carry.