26650  4000+ mah Lithium Ion battery

26650 batts

  • 26650 high capacity unprotected Li Ion  Battery
  • Capacity 4000mah - 4200 mah
  • High amperage discharge
  • Full Charge 4.2 volts
  • Nominal Charge 3.7 volts
  • Cut off 2.7 volts

These batteries have been tested for thier full mah rating at several amperages and each time met or exceeded thier ratings. Many beleive IMR to be better batteries and have higher amperage discharge characteristics but really one is made with Magnesium (IMR) while the ICR is made with cobalt.

We have found through extensive testing that these 26650 FAR exceed the commonly sold orange IMR 26650's by almost double at 5 amps. These ICR gold 26650's will achieve their full 4000mah at 5 amps and 4200mah or more at 3 amps. They have far less battery sag at higher amperages than many of the competetors batteries when used in a single cell configuration.

Please check the graphs in the pictures to show how well these batteries perform. The red line on each chart is thses ICR 26650 batteries.

26650 4000+ mah Lithium Ion battery

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