Solarforce S1100 U2 XML

As always solarforce is striving to meet the expectations and requirements of our customers. We are glad to announce our first offering of 2013, models S1100 for users that need a powerful but portable tool for long range illumination.

The S1100 uses Cree's long lasting XM-L U2 emitter. Over 90% of the light emitted from the led is perfectly focused by a precisely engineered smooth metal reflector which produces a beam of 700 yards. The micro integrated circuit smoothly regulates the output of the flashlight through out the runtime of each set of batteries. Besides the tail cap switch there is a side switch for controlling the high / med / low / strobe / SOS  functions of the light. The side switch also gives a visible low voltage warning light. The compact high output features of the S1100 makes it a good substitute for traditional spotlights.

The perfect square pattern design is perfect for comfort and non slip performance.  The shape of design allows for light to be placed on side with no roll performance.



  • T6063 aircraft grade aluminum alloy.
  • Cree U2 flux XM-L emitter
  • Mil-spec HAIII 3 matt black finish
  • Stainless bezel for impact resistance
  • Stainless connector for attaching to tripods
  • Lanyard holes on tail for lanyard use
  • Tail stands
  • Highly focused aluminum reflector
  • 700 meter range
  • tempered two side coated lens
  • Waterproof IPX8 standards
  • Current-regulated output
  • 8.5-13 volt input range
  • 3X18650 batt config
  • reverse polarity protection
  • 5 level illumination
    100% / 50% / 10% / strobe / SOS
    high 1100 lumens 125 min
    Med 550 lumens 4.5 hours
    Low 110 lumens 30 hours

  • Length 224.3mm / 49mm dia
  • Weight 705 gr.



Solarforce S1100 U2 XML

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