Solarforce K3 Cree MTG2
Solarforce has been constantly innovating new modules and achieving breakthroughs to ensure 
the provisions of premium portable lighting products to our customers. We now gladly present
to your our mew model the K2, this evolves from the most recent high-power led technology.
Together with the L2 series the K2 is ready to provide you with a small but powerful illumination
tool at any time.
The K2 uses the revolutionary high power high output and long lasting Cree MT-G2 led which is 
significantly brighter than those being used in other flashlights on the general market. Over 90%
of the white light emitted from the led is smoothly focused by a precisely engineered aluminum
alloy reflector with its textured reflective surface which produces a even and powerful beam suitable
for illuminating middle to long range distances.
The micro integrated circuit installed in the K3 provides users with 3 output levels of high medium 
and low. The memory function makes the unit easier and more convenient to use. It can be powered
with either 2 or 3 18650 batteries and it stably regulates the output of the flashlight throughout the
runtime of each set of batteries with high efficiency. 
The appearance of the K3 blends fashion and pragmatism perfectly. the heat dissipating desgn 
effectively lower the units working temperature. The body is made of T6063 T6 aircraft grade
aluminum allow with precise CNC machines in Mil-spec type III hard anodized finish. All these
together with the stainless steel bezel make the K3 a remarkably robust and durable light under
the most extreme conditions.  
This the lamphead ONLY 

  • Uses Cree MT-G2 high output LED
  • T6063 T6 aircraft grade alloy
  • Mil-spec HAIII anodized
  • Stainless bezel for impact resistance
  • textured reflector for smooth focused beam
  • Strengthened Ultra-clear glass lens 
  • Coated two surface lens
  • waterproof to IPX-8 standard
  • Current regulated
  • 5.5 - 13 volt configuration
  • 2 or 3 pcs of litium ion batts
  • Reverse polarity
  • Last mode memory

  • high 1500 lumens / 73 - 110 minutes *2-3 batts*
  • medium 855 lumens 130 - 190 minutes  *2-3 batts*
  • Low 265 lumens / 6hrs 50mins - 10hrs.
  • Compatible with L2 series
  • length 61.3mm X 52mm
  • weight 163g

Compatible with L2 series including L2, L2m, L2T , L2P, L2n, L2T special edition, Gladiator, P1D



Solarforce K3 Cree MTG2

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