Sunlight  XML2 1X18650 host

We have modified this light to offer the newest Cree XML emitters.


  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction
  • Cree XML2
  • Coolwhite, neutral or warmwhite
  • 700 lumen
  • Light orange peel reflector
  • Fully regulated 
  • reverse polarity protected
  • low voltage protection
  • Maximum brightness
  • 3 mode driver
    high / 100%
    med / 30%
    Low / 5%
  • Rear push switch
  • AR lens
  • Waterproof 

This host has some of the thickest sidewall of any flashlight you will see. The light is built like a TANK. There is no labels on the light since it was made to our specs.

This light is fully regulated for maximum brightness

Some protected cells may be too long for this light. This light works best with UNPROTECTED CELLS


Sunlight XML2 1X18650 host

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