Solarforce L2T Flashlight body

This is one of Solarforces newest designs and has quickly become one of its most popular.

This light uses  P60 modules for a light source and options are virtually limitless from bright white or warm white to UV to red, blue, green or even infrared. 1 / 3 / 5 levels and more.

All of Customlites P60 modules will work as well as most aftermarket P60 modules. 

All of Solarforces L2 accessories fit the L2T

Note: flashlight body only no module included

Features included.

  • Lamphead, battery tube, tail cap switch
  • T6061 Aluminum construction
  • No module included
  • Customlites P60 modules fit
  • 2XCR123 / 2XRCR123 / 1X18650
  • forward tail-cap click switch 
  • 3amp switch
  • Dull Black color
  • Waterproof design
  • 136mm (length) X 32mm head dia.
  • Weight 87 gr empty





Solarforce L2T Flashlight body

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