Solarforce Black L2 Flashlight Body

L2 is the key model of the Solarforce L2-Series. Its delicate, versatile and cost-effective features are well-known among both professional users and flashlight-lovers.

The L2 body is mainly constructed of precisely CNC-ed aluminum alloy and consists of head, battery tube and tail-cap switch as the major parts. Users may install various high-efficiency drop-in modules and other Solarforce accessories made for the  L2 depending on their needs.

Since this light uses  P60 modules your light source  options are virtually limitless from bright white or warm white to UV to red, blue, green or even infrared.
All of Customlites P60 modules will work as well as most aftermarket P60 modules.

Note: flashlight body only no module included


  • Flashlight host only
  • Customlites P60 modules fit this host
  • Voltage determined by module used
  • Levels deteremined by modules used
  • 1X18650 / 2XCR123/ 2XRCR123
  • Tail clicky switch
  • 104 grams (without batteries)
  • Length 146 mm bezel dia. 32mm




Solarforce Black L2 Flashlight Body

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